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PostSubject: PHOTO AND VIDEO POSTING RULES   Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:58 am

You are free to post and share your pictures or videos of Jeremy Brett on this forum at any time. However, a few rules apply:


  • Make good use of the "Photo" threads in the "Brettish Media" section for long photo threads. Place them elsewhere when you want to illustrate your discussion.

  • Make sure the photograph is a Public Domain photo. That is to say, if it is a private one that you do not have permission to share, you may not post it.

  • Do not remove watermarks from photographs unless you have explicit permission to do so. This especially applies to photographs from Getty Images, WireImage, LIFE Magazine, or any other similar sources. If you have bought a license to share and use a specific photograph, please make sure that it permits you to do so on a public forum.

  • If you are sharing a photograph from a "public contribution source", such as Wikipedia, which is covered by GPL (General Public License), please check the rules which will be listed underneath the photo. If these rules specify that you may share the photo but that you must mention any details at all, then you must abide by these rules.

  • If you are sharing a personal photograph of Jeremy Brett which you took or which belongs to you, please be aware that when these photos appear on public forums they may be copied by other members, and sometimes re-posted elsewhere. If you want to share a photo but you do not want this to happen to your property, please take the opportunity to protect it first.


  • Make good use of the "Video Press" thread in the "Brettish Media" section for long video threads. Place them elsewhere when you want to illustrate your discussion.

  • For legal reasons, you may not post complete films or television episodes in this forum, even if they originate from YouTube or DailyMotion embed codes.

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